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Author Tom Loegering and Dr. Terry A. Munther are Available to Speak at Your Business or Non-Profit Organization


We are very interested in presenting to your business or organization including nonprofits, Veterans and Veterans’ Associations.   Our information is usable, practical and interesting to individuals of all ages and socio-economic groups.

Our presentations are truly personal and geared towards anyone and everyone.  The attendee will learn a good sense of setting goals and leave the presentation with solid information they can use and apply for years to come.

View and Print Our SYLLABUS or WORKSHOP OUTLINE to see what our classes and workshops are all about then Contact Us about speaking to your business or organization.


Hold A Success or Failure Workshop

Our workshops, based on the workbook, Success or Failure, The Choice is Yours, provides attendees with the knowledge and tools to develop and achieve personal or professional goals through self reflection, coupled with the instructors sharing of information and experience . Offered by Dr. Terry Munther Ed.D and author/businessman Tom Loegering, attendees will learn and receive mentorship in the development of: 1. Their own personal definition of success, 2. How to balance personal, financial and physical needs in their life, 3. How to get started developing their “business plan” for achievement of their goals.

Whether attendees wish to start a new business, help make their community a better place, or simply to earn additional income, this workshop will provide the tools and assistance to meet those goals. Attendees will leave this workshop with “a product;” which is the beginnings of a written plan which they take with them and use to further develop their individualized “road map to success.”

They will also have the opportunity for additional follow-up and mentoring from Mr. Loegering and/or Dr. Munther.  Instruction will be based on the six steps outlined in the workbook, Success or Failure, The Choice is Yours. Classroom activities will include lecture, discussion, group and individual work in developing the beginnings of a personalized business plan.

More About Terry A. Munther, PhD.

Munther new photo[1]Dr. Terry A. Munther, 55, served as Superintendent for Educational Service District 101, a state regional education office in Spokane, Washington form 1998 to 2008.  During that time he was responsible for providing leadership, service and training for 59 public school districts and 47 private schools, enrolling approximately 90,000 students.  He acted as a liaison between school districts and the state superintendent’s office, and represented these school districts in Washington D.C. regarding national education issues.

Dr. Munther retired from public education after an outstanding 30 year career as a state and national leader, administrator and teacher.

During his tenure, Dr. Munther was nominated for several state boards and panels by two Washington state governors and the superintendent of public instruction.

In 2006, he was elected to the Association of Educational Service Agencies, Board of Directors, a national leadership post.

Prior to being nominated and selected as the regional superintendent, Dr. Munther headed the Medical Lake School District, serving Fairchild Air Force Base and the surrounding communities, as well as the St. John-Endicott Cooperative Schools.  His career ladder experiences included being an assistant superintendent, principal and teacher.

Terry Munther received his degree as Doctor of Educational Leadership from Washington State University in 1997.  He has taught education law and leadership classes at several universities and colleges.

Dr. Munther has presented and keynoted at numerous state and national conferences and continues to be a highly requested motivational speaker.  Since retiring from public education, he continues to be involved in educational and business consulting and speaking.

Terry and his wife Pamela have a home in Spokane, Washington and Sun City, Arizona.  They enjoy spending time with friends and family in both locales.


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More about Tom Loegering

Tom Loegering spent 49 years in all phases of the real estate and construction business, and as a general contractor and certified property manager.  At present, he is a volunteer spending time doing what he loves: helping people achieve the success they want, and are willing to make personal changes to reach those goals.

Tom is presently on the Board of Governors of the Arizona Golf Association and SCORE® Consultant advising small business owners how to be successful in these trying times. He is also one of the Board of Directors of the Sun City Recreation Centers, a corporation consisting of 44,000 members with $90 million of assets and a $16-million annual operating budget. Tom is also the Vice President of his Home Owner Association.  Tom has found that the advice his father gave him is as true today as it was then: “Just provide your family with love, food, clothing and shelter.”  After that, “Money is just a tool that gives you choices of how to make the world a better place for all people who are willing to make changes in their attitude and strive to make the world a better place.”

Today Tom is retired from the real estate management and construction business although he still councils his daughter Kelly in California and his son TJ’s Arizona property management business.  He and his wife Suzanne live on the Sun City Country Club golf course which is family owned with Tom being the CEO.

When not acting as CEO, doing SCORE® counseling or participating in several other volunteer activities Suzanne and Tom travel on their motorcycle. They have traveled in the US,  Mexico, Europe, New Zealand and Australia enjoying many adventures.

As a member of the “iron butt association” Tom rides many extreme rides.  In May of 2010 Tom completed and rode to all 48 states plus Alaska, 8,661 miles in 6 days and 21 hours.  This type of motorcycling allows a person to stretch their comfort zone inside of safety boundaries as they expand their personal capabilities.

Tom enjoys helping others who are willing to alter their attitudes of mind by accepting they can achieve all they can conceive.

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