Keep Your Resolutions | Goal Setting

Each time a new year rolls around, we all become determined to change our habits and our path.  What is it about January 1st that inspires us to proclaim our most honest intent to change?

If you are perfect, you don’t need to alter or change.  Yes, at some level each person looks at some change that is needed.  It could be personal, mostly weight related, or it could be behavior (stop smoking, start exercising, eat healthier).  Sound familiar?

Each New Year we think of change.  However, it doesn’t need to be that way if you have a written plan and set goals that can be measured.

An example of practical goal planning would be:  you want to lose 12 pounds this year.  That is a pound a month – easy yes?  Well, put a plan together to accomplish this goal and an action plan with consequences for missing your target.

Start with where you are now – 200 pounds.   In 30 days I will reach 199 pounds – I will check my weight on today.  If I am not at that weight, I will buy a weight guide and vow to not eat more than 2,000 calories per day until I am at 199 pounds.  I will check weight daily and will be 198 30 days from today or only eat 2,000 calories per day for the next 30 days.  I will continue this regiment until my weight is at my doctor’s recommendation.

Any goal, whether it be health related, education, job seeking or retainment, starting a business or just living life, is best served by having a written plan with specific measurable goals.  This allows you to fail fast and make corrections quickly to help you achieve your target, pace yourself, evaluate, re-evaluate and learn from your mistakes to achieve all that you can conceive.

Start your Journey of Significance today!

Tom Loegering, Author