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It’s Friday and another week has quickly slipped by.  I struggle with the same things that you do – not enough time in the day, not enough hands to do everything that needs to be done and struggles with keeping my productivity at it’s desired level.  How about you?

I wanted to let you know that my book ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!’ has been nominated for the Small Business Book Award for 2012.  I’m excited and grateful for how many people have been helped through my book.  Not only is it a valuable resource for those considering starting a new business, or already in business, but I’m using it to facilitate mentoring programs in my local community.  I believe that givers get, what goes around comes around, Karma – whatever you want to call it.

I’m currently facilitating weekly classes at two local organizations who are helping victims of domestic violence turn their lives around and I feel so privileged to be doing so.  It’s very satisfying to see someone who came in initially downtrodden and hopeless begin to start looking into their future as a survivor, instead of a victim.  I have a favor to ask you, right now.  Could you help me with these classes by purchasing and donating a book to the class participants?  Currently we are using photocopies of pages from the book, to keep costs down since I’m providing the classes at no charge.  It would mean so much if they could take an actual copy of the book with them when they leave the shelter, to help them continue on their path to success.  Just click the ‘Donate’ button over on the right sidebar at the top and choose the number of copies you would like to donate.  Your donation will help in two ways – purchasing a book for a class participant And all proceeds from my book (other than what is needed to cover printing costs) goes to programs that help autistic children.

Here’s just some of the feedback I’m getting from my classes:

I also offer Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profits through sales of the book.  Are you a non-profit who could use more money for their programs?  Contact me today to find out how easy it is to get started selling ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!’.  There is no direct selling involved and your group earns $10.00 for each book sold.  A Promotional Flyer is provided to you with a special code for your group to use – you just have to distribute it.  Contact me through our Contact Us Form or call 623-933-8401.

We’re doing great things through our Book – Join Us!

Tom Loegering, Author