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Author of “Success or Failure” Giving Back to the Community


Contact:       Tom Loegering

Company:     Success or Failure

Address:       9433 N. 107th Ave.

                         Sun City, AZ 85351

Phone:          623-933-8401



Sun City, AZ – Tom Loegering, author of the book “Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!” initially wrote the book to help small business owners create a strong foundation for their businesses, which leads to long-term success.  In the process of marketing his book, Tom also started serving the community through his workbook in a variety of ways.  His passion has become helping people become productive and successful citizens.  Tom is the CEO of The Sun City Country Club and by using planning strategies from the book, recently completed a 17,500 motorcycle ride across the U.S. in 17 days.

Tom’s greatest passion is serving people who are facing monumental struggles and find themselves in a transitional phase in their lives.  He has developed a curriculum focused around the materials in his book, and is currently facilitating weekly classes at Eve’s Place to those who have found themselves displaced due to domestic violence.  He also worked through the Madison Street Veteran’s Association to mentor veterans who have found themselves unemployed and homeless, move back into successful lives.

Currently, he is seeking to connect with non-profit organizations, and is looking for corporate sponsors and organizations who serve people who are struggling to recapture a productive and successful life.  These opportunities include:

  • Non-Profits – The Workbook is being offered as a fundraising opportunity for non-profits, with $10 of the $20.00 being shared with the group.  Non-profits around the Valley are encouraged to contact Tom to find out more about this profit sharing opportunity.  There is no direct selling involved, making it an easy way for groups to raise money for their programs, by simply promoting  ‘Success or Failure’.
  • Corporate Sponsorships – Sponsorships are available to help provide books for the mentoring programs Tom is facilitating free of charge.  Currently he is facilitating weekly classes for women displaced because of domestic violence at Eve’s Place.  He has been providing books for their use, but now is using copies. 

Laura Horsley, Executive Director of Eve’s Place wrote

“The book is great and helps our residents stay focused on the positive that can be theirs.  Tom works directly with the residents and he is very motivational for them.  We are honored to partner with Tom.”

  • Speaker Opportunities – Are you part of an organization that could benefit from Tom’s mentoring classes based on ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!”?  Speaking engagements can range from 10 minutes to one hour or full 6 hour programs.  We will structure the curriculum and topic matter around your needs.  Please contact Tom Loegering for more information on classes, or scheduling him to speak to your group. 
  • Helping Autistic Children – In the book’s Acknowledgements, you will read “Net profits from the sale of the book will be used to fund programs to assist children with autism.”  Last Fall, The Sun City Country Club hosted the first Golf Program for Autistic Kids and 10 scholarships were funded with sales from the book.  The goal of this program was to not only help autistic children in the community learn better motor and social skills, but also to gain confidence through the sport of golf.  The parents were very excited with the results of the program.  If you’re interested in sponsoring an autistic child for the next session, contact The Sun City Country Club.

If you’re interested in interviewing Tom or getting involved in any of his community programs or opportunities, contact him at the above listed information.


Click HERE for Speaker/Bio Sheet for Tom Loegering


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