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 Golf Program for Autistic Children Offered through Sun City Country Club

As you may be aware, Autism is a disease that has long afflicted children.  Thankfully, more research, discussions and awareness is being raised about this mysterious affliction that affects 1 in 110 children and 1 in every 70 boys.  So far as medical science is aware, there is no cure for autism.  Children with autism may receive many types of treatments, which may be biomedical, sensory, behavioral, developmental or even arts-based. Depending upon the child, certain treatments will be more successful than others.

That’s where the Sun City Country Club, Tom Loegering Sr, and Jr. come into the picture.  They have a passion and desire to help autistic children become empowered through the game of golf.  Tom has developed and implemented the Golf Program for Autistic Kids.  Bob Schuler will be teaching the classes and is experienced in working with children and adults with autism.  The Sun City Country Club has kicked off the Golf Program for Autistic Kids by providing scholarships for 10 children to take advantage of this opportunity last Fall.  The parents from this initial group were thrilled with the results of the program.

Sponsors are currently being solicited to fund 10 more scholarships for another session this Fall.  Tom’s goal for 2012 is to have sessions going year around, to provide local children with autism the opportunity to participate in the program.

The inaugural session of the program was funded by profits from sales of “Success or Failure, The Choice is Yours”.   It was written by Tom and his son to help people, in business and everyday life, define their goals and identify a path of balance to achieve their definition of success.  This book is a powerful resource for all ages and walks of life.  100% of profits from book sales are being donated to the the Golf Program for Autistic Kids.  Sales of the book are also being offered as a fundraising opportunity for non-profit organizations.   For more information on how you can use the book as a fundraising opportunity, or to purchase, go to

Currently, Tom is seeking out interview opportunities to get more exposure for the book, thereby increasing funds available for the Program from the sales.  He is also trying to connect with non-profits, community groups and corporations who would like to participate by providing sponsorships for either a session ($1,000.00) or a child ($100.00).  We will also be in need of volunteers for the program, so there are many ways which you can help us get this program up and running year-round.

If you have a child who is autistic, please submit your interest in participating in the Golf Program to  Simply tell Tom why you would like to participate and how you think the program will help your child.

The choice is yours.


Please read this wonderful Testimony from a parent of an autistic child who is participating in our Golf Program for Autistic Kids.  We’re thrilled about the implementation of this wonderful program, with scholarships for the first 10 children being provided by proceeds from the sales of the book.  We’re looking for more sponsors so we can continue providing this program, here at the Sun City Country Club, or simply purchase the book and find your own path to success.

I just wanted you all to know that today went very well for Erik (and it looks like the rest of the boys as well). I had to drag him out of the house with him resisting all the way today and he came home a changed kid! I have tried for years to get him involved in something (ie karate, soccer, etc) and he has just refused and even after trying various things. He had an interest in golf and seemed willing until it came down to getting there today. He has been dealing with very low self esteem and a number of other issues that have beaten down his confidence level over the years (he also struggles with severe dyslexia). Today boosted him up so high, it was a welcome relief. He did well and was happy with all that went on. He wants to come back and can’t wait for Saturday. This is a major breakthrough for him and I wanted you both to know it. What you are doing there is absolutely wonderful and I like how you ended it with the praise for each child.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help to keep this going. I will contact a few people that I know in the autism world that may have some ideas or leads.

Thank you both so very much and all the others that are responsible for making this happen!

Jane Fackelman
Mama to Erik Romdalvik


Net profits from the sales of “Success or Failure: The Choice is Yours! ” are going to fund scholarships for the Golf Program for Autistic Kids.



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