Eve’s Place Mentoring Classes

We’re busy working through the book to help those who are less fortunate around us, to achieve success and change in their lives.  Eve’s Place is working with women who have fallen into situations leading to domestic violence at the hands of a loved one.  Tom is passionate about helping these women go from victims to survivors and then to thrivers. 

Currently, we are making photocopies of the pages we’re using in the books to mentor the women with, but we would love to donate a book for their use, so they can keep a Workbook with them when they move out of the facility to start their new lives.  You can donate through this newsletter, to the right, $20.00 or through the website at www.successorfailure.org.

Laura Horsley, Executive Director at Eve’s Place, gave us a great compliment:


“The book is great and helps our residents stay focused on the positive that can be theirs. Tom works directly with the residents and he is very motivational for them. We are honored to partner with Tom.”

If you’d like to learn more about Eve’s Place and how you can help, their website is www.safetyatevesplace.org.


We’d like to share this powerful reflection made by one of the participants in the Eve’s Place Mentoring Program.

Ten Commandments –  Author annonymous

  1. I deserve to be treated with respect by any person I allow in my life.
  2. I deserve honesty from those who surround and support me.
  3. I deserve to be thought of first at least 50% of the time.
  4. I deserve my own space to unwind and reflect on each event that has effected me personally.
  5. I deserve my own home  for which I can be creative and have stability for my family.
  6. I deserve to learn from my choices, whether or not they are good choices.
  7. I deserve commitment from those who say they love me.
  8. I deserve an equal partner who has job security and a financial independence.
  9. I deserve a partner that has no criminal history and is willing to allow me to talk to his ex’s for relationship history.
  10. I deserve to be me all the time.  I am no clay for him to mold around his beliefs.  I can think for myself.


If you know of any groups that serve women and families who are dealing with disadvantaged or stressful situations, please forward their information.  We are interested in starting more mentoring programs to help people in transitional phases of their lives become productive, balance and successful people in their lives. 


Corporate Sponsorships for Non-Profit Mentoring Programs Needed

We are looking for Sponsors who would like to make any monetary contribution to help provide books for the mentoring programs Tom is facilitating free of charge. 

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