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by J Jerry Joyce Jr on Success or Failure Book
Great Resource!

A simple and pragmatic common sense approach to the age old quest of improving our lot in life. Tom has distilled from all the great motivational gurus (and from his own life experience) the truly useful activities that any person can put into action and, by so doing, achieve personal and business success. Thank you, Tom!


by LS - Eve's Place on Success or Failure Book
Thanks Tom!

This is Latisha from Eve's Place.. Just wanted to thank you for your encouragement of the women and business tips..

I appreciate it!

by Cindy Seipel on Success or Failure Book
This book will challenge you to be better!

It may look like a quick read, but this powerful Workbook is filled with great content, challenging questions and forms for helping you develop a Business Plan, Asset Management and more. Thanks Tom!


“I purchased one and read it this afternoon.  Excellent!  A real primer for anyone looking to establish a business or relationship.  I have 2 Master’s Degrees and truly wish I had had your book when I retired from the U.S. Army more than 37 years ago and went into business for myself.  My wife is now reading it and will most likely share it with her seminar students.”

– Frank, Arrow Kiwanis Club VP & President Designate

“Two concepts jumped out at me from this great little workbook: balance and common sense. These are indispensable in every sphere of life – including spiritual.”

– Ray L. Miller, Minister, West Olive Church of Christ

“This easy to understand and apply book allowed me to immediately adapt these concepts for my business and personal life.”

– David Dickey, Owner, K9 Kindergarten, L.A., CA

“In my view, your workbook will be a very useful tool for people starting out in both business and their adult personal life. Writing your epitaph is an excellent tool. I appreciate the opportunity to review this very helpful workbook.”

– Chet Ross, District Director, SCORE Association

“In my review of this workbook, I agree that the philosophy for success is relevant for your success whether you own a business or are climbing the corporate ladder.”

– Duncan Simpson, Nearing 20 years as a SCORE Counselor

“This idea that each person is their own “business” inspired me to develop my personal business plan which enables me to reach my goals.”

– Chris Kish, College Graduate, Returning to Grad School

“I used these ideas in a job interview to get my dream job where I will do more than I get paid for as I move up the corporate ladder.”

– Mark, Formerly unemployed Insurance Adjuster

“…is a must read for anyone considering being in business. The principles and wisdom contained in this workbook are timeless. Apply them and you will succeed.”

– Gerry Knode, Insurance Planning Specialist

“Thank you, I have applied your principles which enabled me to develop a business plan for my successful retirement.”

– Suzanne Sarf, a happily Retired Senior

“… has coalesced invaluable information about business and life from various sources and his personal experience. He has put it all into an easy to read format that can be used as an ongoing reference tool. Success or failure truly is your choice. Great job,Tom and TJ!”

– Pete Peters & Deborah Brown, The Boomer and the Babe

“Hello, my name is Judy and I work for a gentleman named Tom that wrote a book called “Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!”  One day at work he came and asked me if I started reading his book as he wanted me to write my Business Plan.  Me write a Business Plan when I wasn’t a business – I didn’t understand it at all.  I told him no, not yet, but I would do it.  Well I procrastinated until one day he asked me “Do you want to be doing the same thing one year from now?”  I said no, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do.  Again, he said to write out my Business Plan.  I told him I wasn’t a business.  I was happy and content being semi-retired and working for him part-time.

He then asked if I had a dream or goal of something I wanted to do and I told him I have always wanted to go to Israel but could not afford it.  He said to sit down, write out what I do every day and see if I had any time left to work on a plan to achieve my goal of traveling to Israel.  I had an extra 4 hours a day.  With Tom’s mentoring, we figured how much money I would need to go to Israel.  Well, it seems that I would need to save $250 a month for two years in order to go.  Where do I start to get it?  Saving in this economy seemed hopeless so I concentrated on writing out a Business Plan as if I already had the money to go.  My business was my dream.

I started reading the book and writing my Business Plan.  I really can’t explain it but all of a sudden I was so enthused about my trip and finding ways to make extra money.  My enthusiasm left me open to see different opportunities available to me that I hadn’t seen before.  Since writing my Business Plan I have had several great opportunities that I would never have seen had I not been in the frame of mind I was in from reading this book.  I am much happier now, have a goal, and will fulfill my dream.  As a matter of fact, I am already thinking of another dream after I fulfill this one.

Opportunities came my way and I have been embracing them. I’ve always wanted to go back to mentoring the parents of mentally ill children.  My husband and I did this for 8 years and finally got burnt out and didn’t do it at all for 10 years.  The opportunity came my way and I now mentor every week and couldn’t be happier.  All of a sudden I have found I have more time and energy to concentrate on the things I love to do.

What have you got to lose by reading this book and thinking positive about your dreams and goals?  Why settle for the everyday frustrations when you could be working toward YOUR dreams or goals.  It is work, as you have to read and think about your future.  As Tom said “Look at yourself in a mirror and see the person that could be holding you back from fulfilling your dreams.”  Tell that person in the mirror that today is the first day of the rest of your life and go for it?”

-Judy, Loving Life in Sun City, Arizona

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