Community Programs

We will post information here about community and mentoring programs that are being facilitated to non-profit groups here in the Valley of the Sun.  If you’d like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Do you have a group that either helps entrepreneurs with business success and marketing educational programs that could use a speaker?  Are you a non-profit that deals with people who are in transitional phases in their lives that could use mentoring to help them get back on the road to balance and success?

Contact Tom for more information on these programs at


Current Programs

Weekly classes are being facilitated at Eve’s Place, a shelter for victims of domestic violence.  We are looking for corporate sponsors to help purchase books for the program participants.  Would you like to help?  These classes are being provided free of charge to the participants by Tom Loegering, author of ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!”

Weekly classes are being facilitated at Turn A New Leafe for victims of domestic violence. 

We’re looking for groups who help our Veterans get back into their lives after returning from defending our country around the world.  Tom is establishing mentoring programs for $1.00 a day for Veterans, so if you know of any groups who may be interested, contact Tom.

Do you have a non-profit group which is interested in raising funds?  The book is being offered to groups and $10.00 out of the $24.95 will be retained by your favorite non-profit.  Why sell cookie dough and candy bars when you could make $10.00 from each book purchased.  Promotional materials will be supplied and there is no direct selling involved.  All orders will be processed through the website and a check will be sent monthly with your portion from the sales.  Interested?

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