Balanced Success~Does Age Matter?

I recently had one of my SCORE clients ask me, “At what age did you personally become most productive?”. After thinking about it, I answered him with this:

“I am 74 and just received the Citizen of the Year Award for Sun City for 2012. I work 30 hours on business and 40 hours doing volunteer work. I was financially most productive in my 50’s, but later I didn’t need to make more money, and instead I focused on trying to help people that want to be productive.

You need to have a plan that commands your thoughts, releases your energy and inspires your hopes. It is not just about making money, it is also about having a balanced life.”

Does Age Matter?

Looking back over the years, I was fortunate to know, or think I knew what I wanted to do with my life. This was because my father told me at age 11: “You are soon to be an adult. In the next six months I want you to think of what you want to be and do when you are an adult. At 11 ½ you will write down three occupations. I will see that you investigate each so that when you are 12, you will decide what you will be and I will start you on a path of apprenticeship, so you can support yourself and your family as a responsible adult.”

At 11 ½ I wrote: priest, cowboy and carpenter. At 12 I decided on carpenter, and started on a road to carpenter apprenticeship, and at 18 became a journeyman carpenter. After completing two Army tours, I then became a general contractor at age 26.

I read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill while in the Army and planned my life to age 40. At that time, I’d retired with $100,000 of net worth and a carpenter’s annual income without working, because my money would be working for me. I had a problem though, because I reached my goal at age 27 and retired with no further purpose except to raise a family and enjoy life. That didn’t work for me because, though my purpose was completed, it left a void. Not striving or working left me feeling empty.

During the first three years of my first retirement, many good things happened. I had not way to judge or gauge my life, even though I was turning 30, and thought I knew everything. My only way to measure success at that time was in how much money I made, not how much I was able to contribute to my family, community or country. I decided to be a success and earn as much each year, for the next 10 years, as I earned the first 30 years of my life. This would make me a millionaire by age 40.

I returned to “Think and Grow Rich”, set the exact amount I wanted and established the date to receive it. I started my business plan (it can be a life plan also), and began that day to implement the plan. I hand wrote on an 8.5 x 11 page all the high points and posted the plan on my bathroom mirror, to be read aloud twice a day. In this way, I was trying to visualize myself in possession of my goals, because I knew “If it is to be, it is up to me”.

I’ll end my story here, by concluding that you are in charge of your happiness. Love yourself—learn that all of your shortcomings can be changed as you alter your life, just by altering your attitude.

For more of my story, and to learn more on how to create a successful, abundant life or business, you can purchase a soft cover or downloadable version of the book “Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!”.  When you purchase a book, 30 days of free mentoring are offered as a bonus. You may contact me at to arrange for your mentoring sessions, via email, phone or skype.

Until next time…Tom

Keep Your Resolutions | Goal Setting

Each time a new year rolls around, we all become determined to change our habits and our path.  What is it about January 1st that inspires us to proclaim our most honest intent to change?

If you are perfect, you don’t need to alter or change.  Yes, at some level each person looks at some change that is needed.  It could be personal, mostly weight related, or it could be behavior (stop smoking, start exercising, eat healthier).  Sound familiar?

Each New Year we think of change.  However, it doesn’t need to be that way if you have a written plan and set goals that can be measured.

An example of practical goal planning would be:  you want to lose 12 pounds this year.  That is a pound a month – easy yes?  Well, put a plan together to accomplish this goal and an action plan with consequences for missing your target.

Start with where you are now – 200 pounds.   In 30 days I will reach 199 pounds – I will check my weight on today.  If I am not at that weight, I will buy a weight guide and vow to not eat more than 2,000 calories per day until I am at 199 pounds.  I will check weight daily and will be 198 30 days from today or only eat 2,000 calories per day for the next 30 days.  I will continue this regiment until my weight is at my doctor’s recommendation.

Any goal, whether it be health related, education, job seeking or retainment, starting a business or just living life, is best served by having a written plan with specific measurable goals.  This allows you to fail fast and make corrections quickly to help you achieve your target, pace yourself, evaluate, re-evaluate and learn from your mistakes to achieve all that you can conceive.

Start your Journey of Significance today!

Tom Loegering, Author


Interview with Laura Horsley | Eve’s Place

We were so pleased to have the Executive Director of Eve’s Place with us for our Blog Talk Radio Show last month.  This month, on February 29th, we’re pleased to announce that we’ll have Councilman Sal DiCiccio on the show, to get his point of view on how he works as an advocate within the Arizona government to keep this vital funding in place.

You can join us for the show live or you can always listen to the recording from the website at your convenience.  Here’s the link to the last show with Dr. Terry Munther, Tom Loegering and Laura Horsley.


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Interview with Laura Horsley on Blog Talk Radio



Eve’s Place is a program that provides emergency shelter services – will be 7 years old in April.  We’ve been there for 5 years.  It started out as grassroots volunteer organization within a church who thought there should be a place for women to go in the Northwest valley instead of Phoenix.  A few women got together and had focus groups in the community and formed a Board and off they went.  They had a plan and a goal.  I joined the organization when it was 2.5 years old – opened first thrift store and 12 beds, 8 employees.  State funding was a game changer – hired formal staff and went from 12 to 38 beds in 7 months.  There was quick growth in the beginning and then leveled out, before the economy started struggling; lost $200K in the course of a year.  We have to constantly re-evaluate our goals, as highlighted in Tom’s book.  7 Board of members are awesome, constantly looking at new ways to serve the community.  We are different than most programs – don’t have a huge facility and we co-mingle with the community and it works better for our residents.  They feel like home and many come with not many of their belongings, transition to our new home, and then move on to their new lives.  Staff is very welcoming, and the apartment complex is very supportive to our residents.  Families re-bond and restructure in a safe environment.  We try to bring in folks to teach residents new ways to do things in their lives – whether it’s success, better parenting, providing pet therapy for the children, or how to be successful in their lives.  We’re going to be adding AA groups onsite, so we’ll have a well-rounded program and resources to provide the ways for them to eliminate what caused their issues that landed them there.

A little about Eve’s Place funding and how is Board elected.  2 Original members are still with us; we are actively recruiting members.  Right now we’re looking for certain individuals – banking individuals, people with monetary resources.  The process of recruiting new members involves an application process and they meet with the board to see if they’re a good fit or not.  Tom:  If they’re interested, how do they contact you?  Contact the office at 623-547-6175.

Funding through the Dept. of Economic Security is primary funding.  2.5 years ago contract with Dept. of Public Safety came through from them.  Have 2 thrift stores to help supplement income – heavily reliant on State funding so we needed to adapt by trying new things like the thrift stores.  Call 623-547-6175 to contact if you’re interested in assisting.  Website @ has information about donations and how to donate items or money.  Schedule a pick up for large items – call office for info.

Many of the residents are trying to work on continuing education or GED’s so they can get a better job position.  Tom:  How are you addressing these educational needs?  Partner with groups, FreshStart and other programs that give training on Resume writing, job interview skills.  We appreciate Tom coming out weekly to mentor the residents.  This is a priority to most of our residents, to expand their skills and education so that they can stand on their own two feet.  They have no idea where to start, so it’s valuable that you’re helping them with resources and making those contacts.

The main objective of the class from the book is to get them to write down their goals and visualize them.  Look into the future to see what they want to have vs. where they’re at now.  Then make a plan on how they want to get there – what will it take to achieve …, how will I get to this goal… and work backwards from where you are now to what you want to achieve.  The residents are dealing with mental struggles/anguish along with possible outward bodily injuries.  1 in 4 women and 1 in 10 men become victims of domestic violence.  They can only stay at the shelter in 4 months – imagine starting from ground zero and being sent out after rebuilding in 4 months.  It’s hard for most of us to fathom.  We are there for them to console them, motivate them, nudge them forward and give them our time and attention.  They need basic necessities – a place to sleep, live, food to eat, a feeling of safety and someone to help me get on my feet. 

Donations of regular household items we need times 6 for 6 units.  Pots and pans, kitchen items…donate anything that you can.  Also need volunteers, help with fundraising events, which are incredibly important to our budget.  We need help with ideas and people to make them happen.  We have volunteer training advocates.  Legislators and police force need to hold offenders accountable with tougher punishments, to keep them away from those they harm, instead of the victims having to leave their lives.  Contact legislators, both state and federal, to keep funding in place to assist these families. 

If you’d like to help, you can also donate a book to a resident, or purchase one for yourself.  For every book purchased of $20.00, $10.00 stays at Eve’s Place and the book stays with the victim when they leave the shelters.  Employment numbers have jumped from 10% to 70% among our residents, so the book and the classes are helping and are a wonderful complement to our programs and resources.

Eve’s Place Interview | Blog Talk Radio

We were so happy to have Laura Horsley, Executive Director of Eve’s Place, a shelter for victims of domestic violence, as our guest on our Blog Talk Radio Show January 25th.  She really shared a lot of information about Eve’s Place, their history and what their goals have, and continue to be.  Listen in on this episode and find out how you can help families who have become victims of domestic violence.

I really enjoy facilitating my weekly classes and helping these adults focus on themselves and how they can change their situation and find a balanced, successful path in their lives.  It gives me great joy – how can you help today?

Tom Loegering



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Nominate Your Favorite Business Book Today

It’s Friday and another week has quickly slipped by.  I struggle with the same things that you do – not enough time in the day, not enough hands to do everything that needs to be done and struggles with keeping my productivity at it’s desired level.  How about you?

I wanted to let you know that my book ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!’ has been nominated for the Small Business Book Award for 2012.  I’m excited and grateful for how many people have been helped through my book.  Not only is it a valuable resource for those considering starting a new business, or already in business, but I’m using it to facilitate mentoring programs in my local community.  I believe that givers get, what goes around comes around, Karma – whatever you want to call it.

I’m currently facilitating weekly classes at two local organizations who are helping victims of domestic violence turn their lives around and I feel so privileged to be doing so.  It’s very satisfying to see someone who came in initially downtrodden and hopeless begin to start looking into their future as a survivor, instead of a victim.  I have a favor to ask you, right now.  Could you help me with these classes by purchasing and donating a book to the class participants?  Currently we are using photocopies of pages from the book, to keep costs down since I’m providing the classes at no charge.  It would mean so much if they could take an actual copy of the book with them when they leave the shelter, to help them continue on their path to success.  Just click the ‘Donate’ button over on the right sidebar at the top and choose the number of copies you would like to donate.  Your donation will help in two ways – purchasing a book for a class participant And all proceeds from my book (other than what is needed to cover printing costs) goes to programs that help autistic children.

Here’s just some of the feedback I’m getting from my classes:

I also offer Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profits through sales of the book.  Are you a non-profit who could use more money for their programs?  Contact me today to find out how easy it is to get started selling ‘Success or Failure-The Choice is Yours!’.  There is no direct selling involved and your group earns $10.00 for each book sold.  A Promotional Flyer is provided to you with a special code for your group to use – you just have to distribute it.  Contact me through our Contact Us Form or call 623-933-8401.

We’re doing great things through our Book – Join Us!

Tom Loegering, Author